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CIRT.LY is a team of cybersecurity experts whose mission is to support its customers in dealing with cyber-attacks. is an entity within the Libyan company LIBYANROOTS LTD, the first cyber security company in Libya and a key player in the field. LIBYANROOTS LTD with its CIRT Team are committed to help clients in information security for incident response, support, defense and analysis against cyberattacks and through the collaboration with governmental, private entities and any other critical information infrastructure sectors, the team provide early warnings against threats targeted the Libyan Organizations.


Incident Response

Our incident response service helps organizations to identify, investigate, and respond to security incidents that affect their business. We have a team of experienced cybersecurity professionals who are experts in incident response. We are available 24/7 to respond to incidents, and help organizations to minimize the impact of an incident on their business, protect their customers' data, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Threat Intelligence

We collect and analyze threat intelligence data and feeds to identify and track emerging threats. We then share this intelligence results with our customers to help them protect themselves from cyberattacks. Threats such as new vulnerabilities, Malware and so on.

Dark Web Monitoring

Our team will continuously monitor the dark web for mentions of Client’s name, products, services, or other sensitive information. This can help clients to identify potential threats, such as data breaches, phishing campaigns, and malware attacks against their organization.

Red Team

Simulates the actions of an advanced real-world attacker to test the security of an organization's systems, networks, and people. Whether internally or externally. The red teaming services uses a variety of techniques to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to the organization's systems, just as a real-world attacker would.

Vulnerability Management

Our team can help organizations to implement and monitor the vulnerability management control, by conducting a periodic scan of our clients’ systems to identify vulnerabilities, and this goes to analysis the results to remove false positives and prepare plans for treatment. Our clients will have periodic reports about the founded vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

Our team helps clients identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities. Our pentesters use a variety of techniques to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to client’s systems, just as a real-world attacker would.

CERT Development

Establishment and advisory services for industry and government Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRT): this service includes development of CIRT processes, roles and responsibilities and associated documentation up to design, installation, and testing of the required CIRT ICT infrastructure. Along with developing and delivers Cyber Drills and Cyber Attack Simulation exercises for CIRTs

Digital Forensics

This includes cybercrime investigations by examining digital artifacts, Our Digital forensics investigators use a variety of techniques to recover and analyze digital data. This service helps clients obtain clear results of investigations and build decisive decisions based on the results.

CERT Support

Our team of experts can provide comprehensive and integrated support for information security and incident response operations to our clients through the presence of our experts and response teams at the client’s sites, and the support is could be an annual or semi-annual basis.

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